Less Than One Week After National Right To Life Endorses Fischer, Susan B. Anthony List Does Same

The moment I learned Nebraska state Senator Deb Fischer won the GOP primary election, I sent an email to my father in Omaha saying “Within the next week she will be endorsed first by Susan B. Anthony List, then by National Right to Life.”

Looks like the only thing I got wrong was the order.

On May 18th, National Right to Life announced it would be supporting Fischer in her run against former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey. Today, the SBA List has announced the same.

Via The Hill:

“Deb Fischer is a fighter for unborn children and their mothers. Her record in the Nebraska state legislature is one of fighting passionately for pro-life, pro-woman policies,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, the PAC’s president. “On the other hand, the last time Bob Kerrey was in the U.S. Senate, he voted against the ban on the gruesome practice of partial birth abortion five times. The people of Nebraska want leaders whose voting record reflects their pro-life values.”

Fischer touted her “100% pro-life” record and desire to “repeal Obamacare” in her introductory television ad for the race, earning her an endorsement from Nebraska Right to Life — which also endorsed every other Republican candidate in the senate primary.  According to an analysis of her voting record, Politico states that as a U.S. Senator, Fischer would ideologically be a cross between Tea Party Sen. Jim DeMint and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson.

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