On Final Day of Legislature Missouri Passes Blunt-Style Contraception Amendment

It’s Friday night, it’s the last day of the session, and it’s time to clean up any last minute bits of legislation for the year.

Yep, it’s the perfect time to slip in a bill aiming to make access to contraception more difficult. 

The Missouri legislature waited until the very last second of the session to pass a Blunt-style bill allowing employers the right to refuse to cover birth control on the company insurance plan, seeing it as “slap” at the President.

Via the Associated Press:

Legislators sent the governor a bill stating that employers can refuse to provide health insurance for birth control _ a measure meant as a slap against an Obama administration policy requiring insurers to cover contraception at no additional cost to women working at certain religious-affiliated institutions.

A separate measure also passed Friday will ask Missouri voters later this year whether to restrict the creation of a health insurance exchange, another Obama initiative.

Not passed during this same session? Education bills and new business tax incentives. But, hey, job creation and teaching children can always wait until next year when you have serious anti-choice legislation you need to finalize.

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