Steve King Brings Back His “Robo-Skype Abortions” Ban

Iowa Republican Steve King is bringing back one of his favorite federal abortion bans — a bill that will “prohibit federal tele-health grants from going to clinics and doctors who use video-conferencing technology to prescribe the abortion medication mifepristone, also known as RU-486.”

Sound a little familiar?  It should.  It passed the House back in October of last year as part of an agriculture bill. Aimed at ensuring Planned Parenthood didn’t receive any federal funding to update infrastructure that could possibly allow the health care provider to perform tele-med abortions or, as King called them, “robo-skype abortions,” the bill essentially continues the argument that almost anything can constitute “taxpayer-funded abortion” if you try hard enough.

Last year, the bill died in the senate.  Likely, the same will happen this year, too.

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