Anti-Choice Bill Affecting University Medical School Accreditation Stalls In Kansas Senate

The Kansas legislature and Governor Sam Brownback have done everything they can to eliminate women’s access to safe abortion care. One effort has included forbidding training for abortion care at any state-funded entity, including university medical hospitals. The latter has hit a snag: The president of the Kansas Senate has put the bill on hold, afraid it will jeopardize the accreditation of Kansas University Medical Center.

Via LJWorld:

Senate President Steve Morris on Wednesday dealt a setback to an anti-abortion bill, citing concerns about what the proposal’s impact would be on the accreditation of the Kansas University Medical Center.

“I have consistently voted pro-life,” said Morris, R-Hugton. “While I will always fight for pro-life values, we must also protect the accreditation of our flagship medical center.”

The session ends this Friday, and if the issues remain unresolved, the bill may die for this year. 

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  • crowepps

    The procedure for doing a D&C abortion, a D&E abortion or a suction evacuation abortion is exactly the same whether it is being used in a medical emergency to save the life of a woman with pregnancy complications, to perform an abortion for a women who doesn’t want to be pregnant, as a follow-up for an incomplete miscarriage, or (in the case of D&C) to treat fibroids.  The idea that women can be forced to continue pregnancies if doctors are kept sufficiently ignorant is both medically and morally ignorant.