• crowepps

    I’m a taxpayer.  It would seem 1000 times better to me to be subsidizing medical care for abortions and complications from abortions than having my tax money subsidizing the tax free status of fanatical religious conservatives who hate sex, like Phyllis Schlafly.

  • freetobe

    and why should I have to pay for programs like abstinence only that have been (proven not to work) and those Crisis Pregnancy centers that are taking tons tax dollars to run? They LIE to women about abortion and are NOT doctors. Why?

    Also if you a outlaw abortion think how many tax payers will be foot ing the bills in emergency rooms for botched abortions and of course if the woman dies, well then you have more blood on your hands.

    Why should I have to pay for the death penalty which costs more for tax payers (appeals are very expensive) than keeping the inmate locked up until their natural death?

    Why should I have to pay subsidies for big oil?

    I mean this arguement is getting very old righties. We all have to pay taxes for things we do not like or want. Grow up and deal with it or move  but please stop whining like children.

  • coralsea

    I hate to say this, but I think that SOME of the anti-choice crowd DO want at least some women who have abortions to die or suffer horrible impairments.  First, some of these folks obviously think that women who get “inconveniently” pregnant are sluts, and second, if they can hold up some deaths from complications, they can use them to pound people over the head with them to further their cause.  Obviously, many don’t think this way, or think of the occasional death in an abstract “no one I know” way, but considering the religious venom so many of them spew, a few flamboyant deaths that can then be propagandized would be just great!


    Also, I agree about being bummed out about having to have my taxes subsidize “abstinence only” education and those awful counseling centers, which are basically religious in nature, that try to guilt-trip women into carrying an unwanted pregnancy. 

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