House Republicans Bring Back Global Gag Rule

Maternal mortality is one of the leading causes of death among women globally, and the GOP promises to keep it that way, with another House bill aimed to eliminate federal funding from any group that so much as mentions abortion — even if they are providing birth control, STI prevention and other forms of reproductive health care to under-served nations.

Via The National Partnership for Women and Families:

House Republicans on Tuesday released a fiscal year 2013 spending bill for foreign aid and other State Department programs that includes a rider to reinstate the so-called “global gag rule,” The Hill‘s “Global Affairs” reports (Pecquet, “Global Affairs,” The Hill, 5/8). The rule, which President Obama lifted through an executive order in 2009, blocks U.S. foreign aid to countries or organizations that use their own money to offer abortion services or support abortion rights.

Our country’s biggest new foreign export is now social conservativism, not health care.

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