• bethanyg90

    As I read this article, my mouth dropped open further and further in anger and disbelief. As much as I want to say it isn’t true, I know that other people believe the same vile, hateful, disgusting things that this reverend do.

    I wonder what sort of life experiences could lead to somebody having this sort of belief. How does a person become a misogynist? I really cannot even fathom how this can happen in the 21st century.

    You say we can’t handle power, Reverend? I think this man and other misogynists like him are the real “weak” ones. They are terrified of women having power because it would mean that, if women are equal, men are not inherently superior due to their sex. The only way they can make themselves feel better about themselves is to seek a target to deny power from. Their weakness leads them to feel threatened by LGBTQ people and women.

    I promise you, Reverend, I and other women and men who believe in the equality of women are not gonna just lie back and take it. We CAN vote, and our puny lady brains can decide which leaders we want to have in this country. Things are never going back to the “good ol’ days” (where, need I add, black people faced segregation and discrimination). We are here, and we are angry.

    Might I add that this pathetic reverend seems to be racist as well against other African-Americans.


  • ray984954

    This pastor is the prime reason I want to circulate my pledge and get more people to sign it to call attention to the blatant as well as subtle signals of hatred of women in this world society. How is it that half the population can be treated this way with some women even joining in the fray?Perhaps Gloria Steinem should have used a different word than Feminism for equality in the world as it puts in stupid peoples heads that Feminisim is all about just women being against men and wanting to take what is their entitlements(to them). Go to any of the hundreds of men’s rights movements websites and at once you can see they haven’t a damn clue about the goals and ideas associated with the Feminist movement. Yes, I am a mangina according to them, but F**K’ em, let sleeping dogs lie. I object to and am sick and tired of reading articles and seeing movies and hearing the implications that women are good for only one thing, a roll in the hay.(Though that can be fun, it should not be a standard view of what women are good for). I think backward religious thinking is responsible for much of these attitudes. Ann Coulter even said once that when women got the right to vote it was a downward spiral for this country(USA). With some women’s attitudes like that who needs a man’s rights movement to villify?I just read in the Spring 2012 Issue 145 of the Intelligence Report put out by the SPLC, an article written by Arthur Goldwag called “a war on women,”  outlining the misogyny and vitriol towards women by sites on the Internet. Truly appalling what these ignorant men are saying about women, which appears to even stifle Amanda Marcotte’s criticisms of these men. It starts out talking about the TJ Ball incident where the man ignited himself with gasoline on June 15, 2011 outside the Cheshire County, NH Courthouse, and died in minutes. The internet went nuts with support of him by these misogynistic sites. Ball clearly had problems, but I doubt it was his dealings with the court and ex-wife that was the gist of it, it ran much deeper than that, as he was more fundamentally dysfunctional than that. It was disheartening to read what men are doing to protest their being made to behave as humans instead of like Neaderthals.

    My pledge is here: http://www.signon.org/sign/stand-up-for-all-women

  • oak-cliff-townie

    The AMEN Ladies/ corner knows he must be talking about the Floozy(s) sitting over there.  Because the self righteous know he isn’t speaking about THEM or their spouses .





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