• coralsea

    I have also found it intriguing how many men give their penises pet names, although the standard reasoing seems to be “they don’t like to be ordered around by a complete stranger.”

  • anonymous99

    Just two weeks ago my brother showed me the unsolicited full-body nude phote one of his lady friends sent him.  I’m not sure your sample “size” can really lead you to any conclusions.


    And no I’ve never texted out a penis pic.

  • anonymous99

    Someone is really overtime rating all my comments trolling/spam recently.


    My comment here is clearly relevant to the post.  My other posts have been on topic as well.  What really is the point of marking my posts like this?  Can’t we just have a discussion?


    Sorry, this is just a pretty lazy, and sexist I might add, post.  I guess it’s just too easy around here to take cheap shots at men.  I don’t send pictures of my penis to people.  I don’t think the Anthony Weiner situation has anything to do with me or men in general.  That someone could come up with this “theory” based on such flimsy “evidence” and post it here on rhrc.org is quite absurd.  Don’t ya think?


    Maybe rhrc.org should stick to what it does best.  And it does do it well.  This type of side-show post isn’t worthy of publication anywhere, let alone here.

  • anonymous99

    Oh my.  I just realized the writer is with a supposedly reputable organization, Amnesty International.  Is this really what people from Amnesty International spend their time on?  Theories about penis pictures?


    This takes the cake.  Really, does anyone do a peer review of the work that’s submitted here?  What the hell is going on at Amnesty International?

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