Antis Counter “I Had An Abortion” Shirts With “I Haven’t Killed A Baby” Shirts

In an attempt to eliminate some of the stigma surrounding abortion, a Women’s Studies Group and an LGBTQIA Resources group at University of North Carolina, Wilmington, joined together to sponsor a “Stories of Choice” panel.  As part of the event, a batch of shirts featuring the words “I had an abortion” were up for sale, angering anti-choice students.

So, what did they do?  Countered back their own t-shirts with their own “special” messages.


Three students stood outside the panel room wearing what they say were equally shocking t-shirts. One read “I haven’t killed a baby” and another reading “I euthanized my grandpa.” They say the abortion t-shirts are out of line and embarrassing to the UNCW student body.

Jimmy Eastman, spokesman for the student protest, says he hopes people realize how serious abortion is and see how unpraiseworthy it is.

“It’s still a very controversial issue,” he said. “It’s not about the abortion or pro-choice. It’s about ending a human life and that’s the real issue here. That’s what we’re trying to get at.”

There’s a vast difference between erasing stigma and “seeking praise,” but I suppose for those who believe each of the one in three women who have had abortions should be ashamed to admit it, anything other than regret is wrong.

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  • melissanatx

    I’ve had an abortion AND I haven’t killed a baby.  AND I would euthanize a chronically ill/suffering loved one if I could get away with it/it weren’t illegal

  • oak-cliff-townie

    Hey any guy Activist

    Don’t be Grandstanding  Twenty years from now boohooing about the guilt you feel and taking responsibility  for forcing your girlfriend of today to have an abortion !




  • cade

    I have long endured the presumption that having an abortion was something I should regret. When I was younger, in the years right after my abortion, this confused me a lot. But in truth I never felt regret. I never felt that had been a “baby”–a 4-week-old embyro, yes, but not a baby. I never felt like I was a mother, and certainly not one who “killed” her “child.” Even supposedly pro-choice people wouldn’t stick around to listen to  me talk about it. It was always “Well, I think that was your decision. [Change the topic.]” In the 90’s the only post-abortion support groups I could find were at churches and always with a strong, pro-life slant where you were expected to grieve woefully on cue over what you did and the “baby” you “killed.” I went to one of those meetings once, and I cried, not becuase I felt shame, but because I was so damn confused and frustrated that everyone was telling me what I should feel and no one would just listen to me.

    All I wanted was a little support, just someone to listen and not judge, so I could talk about it aloud rather than going around like I had this ugly, unspeakable secret that scared people away. I eventually found a psychotherapist in the late 90’s who did just that and it was such a liberating experience for me. I can talk about my abortion openly and confidently now, yet still too often to the shock of others (I always lose a few followers when I bring it up on Twitter). But I’m tired of this. Just unbelievably tired of this. If ANYONE ELSE gets to have an opinion, no matter how wildly misinformed and detached from reality that opinion may be, on what women like me do with our bodies, you damn well better sit there and listen to me tell you about my abortion. And no, you don’t get to shame me, judge me, or have a freaking, pulled-out-of-your-ass opinion on what my options supposedly were. You want to have an opinion on abortion? Then shut up and listen to those us who’ve had one. Don’t want to listen? Then just plain shut up.

  • cljackson

    I was told, by many people, whenever I mentioned having an abortion,  that I was unfeeling and would regret what I did, Never happened never will. So now I am concerned for the future of womankind. The confusion that is caused by Arizona law that says your pregnant the day after you finish your period. Now that’s called  positive thinking.