• johann7

    Bill Zedler launches new website TexasShameList.gov! Tired of slut-shaming women collectively or in the abstract? You’re in luck! Thanks to anticipated changes to abortion reporting rules from the Texas DSHS and a judicious public records request, representative Zedler is proud to bring you a list of the medical and personal histories of all the women who have had abortions in Texas! With three simple clicks, you can choose a woman, a contact method, and one of our pre-written shaming messages – or if you’re feeling creative, write your own! It’s never been so easy to take the shaming directly to the sluts! Try TexasShameList.gov today!


    (Poe’s Law disclaimer: The above is satire. TexasShameList.gov does not exist, as of the writing of this post. However, I’m pretty sure shaming and intimidation – your name and medical history will go on a GOVERNMENT LIST if you abort your pregnancy! – are the only possible reason for addressing a problem that doesn’t exist.)

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