So How Much Time Should Ed Henry Serve For “Coercion?”

An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified Ed Henry is a legislator from Tennessee.  Ed Henry is a Representative in the Alabama House of Representatives.  We regret the error.

Tennessee Alabama lawmaker Ed Henry is working hard to pass anti-choice legislation in the state.  His reason?  To atone for an abortion that he “allowed” his girlfriend to have 20 years earlier. 

Via The Times Daily:

“I murdered my first child,” Henry, a freshman Republican, told a crowd at an anti-abortion rally outside the Statehouse.

Henry, 41, said he went with his girlfriend, whom he didn’t name, when she had the abortion.

He said they had made the decision to abort together, but today he said he places most of the responsibility on himself.

“There was discussion and talk about it, but I do feel a heavy burden from the decision,” he said.

And it was his experience and regret years later that have made him an anti-abortion advocate, he said.

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  • oak-cliff-townie

    I wonder how his Girlfriend  of 20 years ago (if she really exists )feels about him revealing such intimate details of their shared past ?

    Then again he is just another  Authoritarian  GOPer making his point so why let something like the Truth get in the way of of a good story .

    Henry, 41, said he went with his girlfriend, whom he didn’t name, when she had the abortion.

    WOW what a guy !




  • jennifer-starr

    So in one breath he says that it was a ‘mutual decision’, but then he says that he places most of the burden on himself and that he ‘allowed’ it to happen–like she had no say in the matter and her opinion didn’t count? Even though she was the one who was going to have to carry the pregnancy and give birth?


    I suppose in conservative Christian circles, he was supposed to have ‘manned up’ *snort* and forced her to give birth regardless of what she actually wanted.


    What a patronizing little creep. 

  • wolfwytch

    Takes all responsibility on himself? That sounds mighty evangelical of him. I’ve seen this before, a thousand times. It goes a little something like this: he’s responsible for something eeeeevile!  It was something they “decided” together; but when he tells the story, he’s going to embellish, telling us what a horrible person he used to be. He’ll tell us how they didn’t really discuss it because he threatened her, or beat her, or drugged her. He black-mailed her, maybe. Because he’s a big strong man, and therefore it’s all on him– except when it comes to punishment. He doesn’t deserve to be punished– per se, just you know, everyone else does. He’s forgiven!


    Like Ron Paul’s imaginary fetus crying in the bucket, or my mother’s many preachers and their “former days” as “wife-beating, drug dealing, prostitute visiting, drunks”; one of them claimed to be a murderer, too! Said he got into fights all the time, see and actually *gasp* killed some people! (cue the Amens and slaying in the spirit) They get Jesus and then *poof* they’re saved and it’s all better, and now they can “atone” for what they did by forcing us to do whatever ti was they think they should have done back in their day…


    Which is evangelical-speak for “make sure you don’t have the choice to do anything I don’t like, because I’m sanctified now, but you’re not!” It also means that these people never are punished for the supposed evil they did, never do time for murder, or prostitution, or assault. because they’ve got Jesus, so they’re all better, just these lovely, walking, talking object lessons for us slutty-sluts.


    I get so tired of hypocrisy. Women are people, dammit! Whole, in and of ourselves. We are people. We don’t need these supposed white-knights to save us from ourselves. This is all evangelical porn, it’s all titillation for the super-christian.


  • marie-barbara

    why did you delte my post??? Your article is still wrong…

  • jennifer-starr

    Wrong in what regard, exactly? It follows the news article that it was based on. And I never actually saw any post written by you.

  • rachael-vinyard

    I totally agree. I’m sure IF this actually happened, it was something they decided together but now he’s noticed he can use it to gain political points and tell the story of the “reformed sinner.” It’s sickening…especially when they get the credit for “being saved” and women are the ones who are punished for actually having the abortion.

  • marie-barbara


    First you had the wrong pix up of Ed Henry and even a day later you post he comes from TN when he comes from AL. Thanks for the fodder. That was just the beginning of your erroneous reporting in that article. Henry said they decided on the abortion together but as the father to the child he places most of the responsibility on himself because a father is to protect the child not help kill the child. My how you hate those who regret their abortions.

    Your whole paragraph about TN laws is wrong but hey what the heck the who post is wrong from the pix to the state. TN already has an anti coercion law. Do you hate the laws that say that a woman cannot be coerced into abortions? Guess so…brings business down for the for profit abortion industry. And you don’t want docs who do abortions to meet the standards of admitting privileges??? Another what the heck…when there are complications, there are always taxis to carry the injured woman to the nearest hospital so the doc who cannot meet the hospital standards can go on to the next victim. Time is money you know.

    And SJR 127 is needed in order to be able to return to law the regulations that were voted into place by a bi partisan legislature like informed consent, waiting periods and that late term abortions be done in hospitals as opposed to unlicensed uninspected and unregulated abortion mills. Again, that goes to the concern for both women and pre born children but obviously against the grain of the abortion industry as it was  Planned Parenthood that sued the state to take them away. But I realize that it is the designated spin that the for profit abortion industry plans to use.
    But enjoyed your fact checking free column of yesterday. Hey, did Ed Henry the news man call to complain??
    Folks you can always come here to get the facts ?????? Not really with  wrong pix, wrong state, spin, wrong facts. Good job.

  • colleen

    My how you hate those who regret their abortions.

    He didn’t have an abortion to regret, allow or disallow because it was not his body that was pregnant. Likewise he certainly has no right to speak for or about this woman (who I am sure deeply regrets her choice to  have had sex with such a nasty man). The responsibility he should have taken was not to ejaculate into her vagina in the first place. The fact that he did and is now using her choice to score political points evidence that the woman he impregnated made a good choice. i certainly wouldn’t wish to have a child with a man who believes he can ‘allow’ me to have an abortion and I certainly would never wish to have a child with a  Republican and particularly not a Republican pol.

  • jennifer-starr

     Again, that goes to the concern for both women and pre born children but obviously against the grain of the abortion industry as it was  Planned Parenthood that sued the state to take them away. But I realize that it is the designated spin that the for profit abortion industry plans to use.

    Who’s fooling who, Marie? The regulations have nothing to do with concern, and everything to do with putting more roadblocks in front of women seeking to access a legal service. To make it so difficult that even if it is technically legal, it will be nearly impossible to access.  That’s your real motive and we all know it. So don’t hide behind false concern–come right out and tell the truth. 

  • marie-barbara

    Do you not care at all about accuracy. Ed Henry is from AL not TN. You start off with this error and it goes down hill from there.