Nebraska Governor Vetoes Bill to Provide Prenatal Care, Uses Planned Parenthood Scare to Try to Maintain Veto

When “pro-life” Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman admitted that healthy babies aren’t nearly as important to him as ensuring that undocumented women don’t get any sort of doctor’s care on the taxpayer’s dime, much of the unicameral legislature decided to join together to overrule him. The legislature, led by anti-choice Republican Mike Flood, voted this session to return funding for prenatal care to the budget — dollars that go even to pregnant illegal immigrants.

Heineman threatened a veto, but the unicameral knew it had enough votes to override, making the bill unstoppable.

But now, Heineman may have come up with the one way to peel off override votes — threaten them with the specter of Planned Parenthood.

Via The Omaha World Herald:

[T]he pro-life governor’s veto message included a new and potentially explosive new charge: that some of the prenatal funds could find their way to a leading pro-choice organization, Planned Parenthood.

“I oppose providing taxpayer benefits to illegal immigrants,” Heineman said in a press release. “I oppose providing taxpayer funding to vendors that perform or promote abortions.”

There’s only one little problem with Heineman’s strategy. Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide prenatal care in any of its Nebraska clinics. But we’ll see if just the invoking the scary “Planned Parenthood” demon is enough to sway state legislators sway, regardless of how meaningless the threat is.

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  • lizwizzie

    That’s right.  Planned Parenthood of Nebraska doesn’t provide any prenatal care in Nebraska.  Just abortions.  Just big business.  All about bottom-line.


  • jennifer-starr

    Perhaps you’d like to explain why some ‘pro-lifers’ are so against things like prenatal care for the babies they claim to care so much about, Liz–since this is what the article was actually about.  

  • cc

    So let me get this straight. Allowing pregnant undocumented women to get sick and die (which compromises the pregnancy) is pro-life? Is this the new face of “pro-life” Christianity? Oh right. These are the same wonderful folks who would also force women to give birth and then deny them a social safety net. Let them beg in the streets.

    And Planned Parenthood of Nebraska just does abortions? Really? Funny, their website says they do other things relating to women’s health. But such is the effectiveness of “pro-life” propaganda which then becomes a meme or dare we say delusion. Talk about stuck on stupid!

  • jennifer-starr

    Never forget guys. It took a conservative ‘Pro-lifer’  to coin the term ‘terror babies’.  Which I think demonstrates their true motives beautifully.