• ankhorite

    Thank you for the article, Ms. Laureano.  You are absolutely right that women of color are left off of most media outlets when sexuality (or reproductive rights) are under discussion, although MSNBC is an exception to that.  MSNBC has taken the lead in giving voice to the traditionally voiceless in its choice of news and opinion anchors, and in the guests those anchors choose for their panels.

    Faye Wattleton used to get a lot of air time, but she hasn’t been on the mainstream media much for the last decade.  I don’t know if that’s her choice, or theirs.  I miss her presence.

    I’m sad that you haven’t gotten more comments in the six days your article has been up.  Where is everybody? Sometimes, you just have to cast your bread upon the waters and resign yourself to not knowing if it will float to where it can do some good.  I’ll use my blog to try to send folks over.  Your point is too important to just sink into the internet’s great ocean.




  • checkyourself

    I agree that the comments in the video of those two women are racist & rooted in white privilege, but you lost me completely & your own credibility with your own racist comments.

    Please show us an example of “white supremacy” in the sexuality/sexology field… the definition from dictionary.com is below since you clearly do not understand the meaning of that VERY triggering term:

    white supremacy


    the belief, theory, or doctrine that the white race is superior to all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore retain control in all relationships.


    Making a racist comment & being a white supremacist are not the same thing. “White supremacy” in sexology would be along the lines of eugenics and I do not know a single white sexologist who supports birth control for the purpose of “racial cleansing”.

    Also, please explain why “racially white people” is in lower caps while “people of Color” is in caps? That seems to imply that “people of Color” are superior.

    And one more thing – the statement “Why do racially white people only hear, what people of Color have said about the field for generations, when a white person says and repeats it?” is your own racist stereotyping of an entire group of people based on their race. If you had said “often” or “mostly” instead of “only”, but unfortunately you discredited yourself further with that statement.

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