Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Signs Country’s First 20-Week Gestational Ban Into Law

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has just signed into law an omnibus package of abortion restrictions passed by the state legislature, which includes a so called “fetal pain” ban that makes it illegal to have an abortion after 20 weeks gestation, or 18 weeks post-fertilization.

Unlike other “20-week” bans passed by the states, this ban actually outlaws the procedure two weeks earlier, as other bans are written to cut off legal abortion at 20 weeks post-fertilization. By rolling back the cutoff by two weeks, the state is the first to cut into the time frame where most women are likely to begin screening for fetal anomalies, meaning more women will be forced to carry all pregnancies to term regardless of any issues with the fetus.

The only exception to this new rule is if continuing the pregnancy will “create serious risk of substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.”

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  • wolfwytch

    I telephoned the governor’s office last night, and this morning. I told the woman taking messages that Arizona was making its citizens a laughing stock, that “I feel like I fell out of a clown car!”


    I also told her I wasn’t leaving. That I’m staying here, throwing a fit and I’ll keep working to improve this backward, ridiculously red-anti-woman state… She was shocked, and sounded a little weirded out :)


    We are fighting back here in Arizona. We aren’t all laying down, praised gawd for Brewer… some of us are angry, very very angry, and we’re telling them– over and over and over. But We aren’t Leaving. Otherwise, they win.

  • crowepps

    The most effective thing one can do is register to vote, allowing lots of time to get all the birth/marriage/divorce certificates they’re now insisting women must show in order to do so, and have whatever obscure form of ID the law requires to be shown, and make sure it is *precisely* like the voter registration, so the right to vote can’t be refused on the basis of the ID having a middle name and the registration having only an initial, or the registration address saying N 33nd Street and the identification saying North 33rd Street, or any of the other phony, ridiculous excuses they have used to withhold a ballot from people who are registered Democrats or who “look liberal”. 

    Encourage all the women you know to also register and to get ID.

    Then remind each other to vote in every single election, every single time.  Make sure to know the correct address of the polling place, and the correct date of the election, and ignore the lies in the robocalls saying the polling place has been changed, or the election is actually the day after.

    The religious fanatics and ProLife extremist whackaloons have a disproportionate voice in our government because although they are only 15% of the population, their preacher or priest organizes them to show up, makes them memorize his list of who they’re to vote for, puts them on a bus and drives them down to be his bobblehead dolls in voting as a block for candidates who are also religious fanatics and ProLife extremist whackaloons.  Do not allow these people to reduce women to second class citizens.  Every woman should exercise her RIGHT and DUTY to vote so we can get a government which represents those of us in the MIDDLE instead of just the anti-sex, anti-woman nutjobs and kooks.