New Hampshire Senate To Vote On Barring Taxpayer Funding of Any Place That Performs Abortions

The New Hampshire senate is preparing to vote on a bill that will ban “taxpayer dollars” from going to any person or place that performs “elective” abortions — even hospitals. And the move could cut off all funding to their Medicaid program in the process.


A New Hampshire Senate committee is holding a hearing on a bill that would cut off taxpayer funding to hospitals, clinics, doctors and others who perform elective abortions.

State officials believe the bill could jeopardize New Hampshire’s $1.4 billion annual Medicaid program because states aren’t allowed to exclude providers from the program based solely on the range of services provided.

The bill is just one of the slew of anti-choice measures being pushed in the state this year, including “informed consent” and a 24 hour wait period. Those who are proposing the bill say that any practitioner or entity that performs abortions can simply “create separate business entities” to cover the abortion portion of their business, which would increase expense and bureaucracy but apparently appease the anti-choice advocates’ consciences.

The funding ban bill has already passed the House.

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