Mississippi Clinic Considers Suing Over TRAP Law

Anti-choice advocates are praising the new bill waiting to be signed by the governor of Mississippi that many believe could close the only clinic in the state that provides abortions.  Lauding the possibility of an “abortion-free state,” anti-choice politicians and activists are pushing for quick implementation of the new requirements, which would only allow abortions to be performed by registered OB-GYNs who have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

Republican Governor Phil Bryant has made it clear that he is anxious to make history by essentially banning abortion in his state.  “This legislation is an important step in strengthening abortion regulations and protecting the health and safety of women. As governor, I will continue to work to make Mississippi abortion-free,” Bryant said via statement.

Jackson Women’s Health Organization owner Diane Derzis has threatened to sue should Bryant sign the bill.  According to Derzis, all three providers at the clinic are OB-GYNs and the clinic already has a transfer agreement with a local hospital which allows any patient who has a complication to be admitted automatically.  The law was created solely to make a standard that couldn’t be attained, since hospitals have been turning down privilege requests for two of the three doctors. “If you mandate something that can’t be accomplished, I don’t believe that’s constitutional,” Derzis told Politico.

Read more here: http://www.sunherald.com/2012/04/05/3866024/miss-sole-abortion-clinic-to-sue.html#storylink=cpy

But even without a suit, the passing of H.B. 1390 won’t make Mississippi an “abortion-free state.” It will just make it a “legal and safe abortion-free state.”

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  • liberaldem

    Mississippi will not become an abortion-free state, but, as the writer noted, a state in which legal and safe abortions are no longer available. That means that Mississippi women will have to make a trip to another state, or resort to illegal providers. That second possibility increases the likelihood that pregnant women who have abortions in Mississippi will be having illegal procedures which will put them at risk for serious complications, or worse.

    These legislators and their anti-choice allies do not understand that women will still have abortions.  They will happen; they will be dangerous for the woman’s health.


  • crowepps

    Of course they understand women will still be getting abortions illegally.  Of course they understand desperate women will be attempting suicide. 

    They’ve made their intentions perfectly clear — any woman who tries to cause her own abortion or procure an abortion or tries to kill herself or has pregnancy complications will be charged with “depraved heart murder” like 15-year old Rennie Gibbs after her miscarriage, and subject to a mandatory life sentence.

    You’ve got to understand these people are godly, and they’re willing to injure and torture and kill and create endless amounts of suffering in women’s lives to prove it.