Kansas: No Money for Parks But Over Half a Million Spent Defending Abortion Bills

The state of Kansas can’t figure out how exactly to fund their schools or parks.  But one thing they have no issues spending big money on?  Defending unconstitutional abortion laws. 

According to  KCTV.com, the state has spent well over half a million dollars through three different law firms, all trying to defend newly passed anti-choice legislation.  One firm, used to attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, has earned over $300,000, while another, which was used both for defending the new TRAP law that tried to shut down all of the abortion clinics in the state and for eliminating abortion coverage in private insurance, has earned well over $200,000.

Kansas isn’t the only state to spend large amounts of money defending anti-choice legislation.  South Dakota is expected to spend well over a million dollars attempting to defend their various anti-choice laws in court.

Of course, Kansas knows where their meager dollars are best spent.  After all, this is the state that decided letting those who committed domestic assault out of jail was a better idea than trying to prosecute them, all because no one could decide who would pay for the legal costs.

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