Alabama Anti-Choice Group Wants “Meth Mom” Battle To Backdoor in Personhood

When is an anti-choice group actually for abortion?  When it comes to defending a law that could help them in their endless quest to give full legal rights to fertilized eggs.

The Liberty Counsel is taking up the “chemical endangerment of children” law, usually meant for prosecuting those who cook meth in areas where children live. But the anti-choice legal group is hoping that an extension of the law could be applied to pregnant women who use the drug, essentially classifying the embryo or fetus as a “child” and allowing a legal precedent for so-called “personhood.”

How desperate are they to make it happen?  Well, if their legal ploy could inadvertently increase the likelihood that an addict might get an abortion so she doesn’t end up in jail, so be it.

Via Huffington Post:

An attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed a brief on behalf of the women defendants, called the prosecutions a “misuse of an otherwise good law.” Applying the chemical endangerment law to fetuses, said the attorney, would “analogize a woman’s body to a meth lab” and would force pregnant women who are struggling with addiction to choose between jail and abortion.

“They’re so desperate to have any judicial interpretation of a fetus or egg as a person that they don’t care about the result,” said Alexa Kolbi-Molinas, staff attorney for the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project. “The sole goal in filing this brief has nothing to do with protecting women and babies, but is solely about trying to get a decision that holds that a fetus or egg is a person, because somewhere down the line it will make abortion illegal.”

Make a woman a “meth lab” and a fertilized egg a “person.”  We always knew that the more eggs became “people” the less women would be counted as people, too.

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