• jennifer-starr

    Not only is Bill Savage just as bigoted as his boss, but he’s also illiterate.  Who votes these DIMWITS into office?? 

  • veggietart

    I do believe studies have shown that kids who grow up exposed to violence–such as when Dad beats Mom–are more likely to end up in violent relationships themselves.  Men whose dads were abusive become abusive themselves.  Women whose moms were abused end up becoming abuse victims.


    So, excuse me, Rep. Pridemore, but a household headed by a single parent is better than a household in which one parent abuses the other.  

  • coralsea

    Since this is Wisconsin we are talking about, perhaps Rep. Pridemore and his minion, Mr. Savage, might want to counsel Gov. Walker, who has been notorious for his attacks on unions, that the Gov. and his Republican buddies in the legislature (and his deep-pocketed backers, such as the Koch brothers) should remember all of the kind thoughts and satisfaction they felt when the union contracts were signed–an act that was presumably undertaken in good faith. 


    You know–kind of like getting married. 


    After all, considering the amount of hours workers put in on the job, voiding their contracts and bringing in low-wage, non-union employees isn’t all that different than the (in their eyes) treacherous behavior of the woman who leaves her husband and runs off to raise their kids as one of those dreaded Single Mothers.   I mean — we already know that Pridemore doesn’t think that being beaten or otherwise abused is a good enough reason for a woman to leave the man she married.  So shouldn’t he tell Gov. Walker et al that they need to at least honor union contracts until they expire? 


    I guess it depends on who gets to designate which agreements are apples and which are oranges.  


    I suspect that Messrs Pridemore and Savage are among the folks who used to (and probably still do) refer disparagingly to Battered Women’s Shelters to “Run Away Wives Shelters.” 


    Come on, Wisconsin women–you are 51% of the electorate.  Stand up for yourselves and shame these troglodites out of office (and support positions, in the case of the aptly named Mr. Savage).

  • ankhorite


    No, no, no, the staffer is right!  Her letter is dun best of them all.  It’s an excellent modest proposal to help educate Pridemore on the issues.


    Of course, it works as a satirical thought experiment, not as an actual assault.


    Sadly, I doubt Pridemore or his illiterate staffer are capable of that much thought.  :(

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