TRAP Law, Tele-med Abortion Bans Pass Minnesota Committee

The state of Minnesota is poised to begin passing abortion restrictions this legislative session, as the House Health and Human Services Reform Committee met and approved two new potential anti-choice laws.

The first, a ban on telemed or “webcam” abortions is seeking to doctors from assisting women in procuring abortions using RU 486 after consultatio through a webcam, a practice that is medically proven to be safe and effective and that has increased access to abortion for women in rural areas where clinics may be inaccessible.

The second, a law targetted specifically at clinics that perform abortions, would force any facility that performs 10 or more abortions each month to be licensed with the Department of Health, and will allow surprise inspections to be performed.

The regulations, which are considered a “top priority” by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, would only exist for medical centers and clinics that perform abortions, but no other outpatient surgery centers.

Both bills are likely to pass the House and the Senate, which have anti-choice majorities.  It is unclear if Governor Mark Dayton, a Democrat who supports a woman’s right to choose, would veto them or not.

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