Illinois House To Vote on Forced Ultrasounds For Cattle… I Mean Women

Here we go again.  This time, it’s the state of Illinois that aiming to pass a forced ultrasound bill.  And, like all of the bills meant to restrict a woman’s reproductive rights, it went through the Agricultural Committee, just like always.

Via Credo Action:

If this legislation — offensively named the “Ultrasound Opportunity Act” — passes, any woman who refuses to take the state up on this invasive ultrasound “opportunity” has to do so in writing, on a state-provided form that would then be collected and stored by the state. And the state would require clinics and physicians to track and report the number of women who refuse to be violated by the state before having an abortion.2

This anti-woman bill has already passed the Illinois House Agriculture Committee. Yes, you read that right — the Agriculture committee, because apparently the supporters of this legislation are so regressive in their thinking that they think they can treat women like cattle.

Are the state GOP ever going to learn that women aren’t livestock, and they don’t get to control our breeding?

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