Will New Hampshire Prosecute Doctors Who Refuse to Lie to Their Patients About Abortion and Breast Cancer?

The New Hampshire legislature badly wants to tell women that abortion will cause breast cancer, despite the fact this is not true. In fact, they wanted it so badly they were willing to make it a felony if doctors don’t lie to patients seeking an abortion.

But now they are starting to second guess themselves.  Maybe it shouldn’t be a felony, just something doctors could lose their license over.

Via Seacoast Online:

A House committee is suggesting the harshest criminal penalties be removed from a bill that would require New Hampshire doctors to provide women seeking abortions with specific information about potential health risks.

The criminal justice committee voted 8-7 Tuesday to recommend removing the Class A felony. However, violators would still be open to malpractice lawsuits or disciplinary action by the New Hampshire State Board of Medicine.

The committee also left in lesser criminal penalties for another section relating to reporting abortions and reviewing fetal tissue samples.

In multiple states, laws are being passed that will block a doctor from malpractice suits if he or she intentionally lies to a patient.  Now, as one reproductive health advocate puts it, the state of New Hampshire will  “waste taxpayers’ dollars prosecuting doctors for telling the truth.”

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  • veggietart

    Some states want to force doctors to lie to women about the health risks of abortion. Others states want to let doctors get away with lying to patients if it prevents them from having an abortion–even if the woman would die if she continues the pregnancy.


    And we’re supposed to believe these anti-choice lawmakers want women to be “well-informed” about the decisions they’re making regarding their reproductive health?

  • twocats

    If these legislators think ANY woman is going to sue a doctor for telling them the TRUTH, they’re out of their minds.  There’s a REASON why they’re giving immunity to doctors who lie and threatening doctors who engage in civil disobedience and tell patients the truth with first, loss of liberty, and, now, loss of livelihood.  The first is where the risk of malpractice suits lie and the second is that, on some level, these nut jobs understand that what they’re doing is trying to make doctors do something unethical and they will face resistance.