Georgia Lawmaker Calls Medical Experts Testifying Against Abortion Ban “Liars”

The Georgia Legislature is preparing for a senate vote on a 20-week abortion ban based on the disproven idea that fetuses “feel pain” at that point.  But the bill’s sponsor is going beyond advocating for the ban — he’s outright arguing against medical experts brought in to testify.

Bill sponsor Rep. Doug McKillip, who has called the practice of late term abortions “barbaric,” despite the fact that the vast majority are done because of fetal anomalies, is now accusing expert medical witnesses of just trying to kill the bill.

Via The Atlanta Journal Constitution:

[T]he sponsor of the bill, state Rep. Doug McKillip, summarily dismissed the threshold of 28 weeks [before a fetus has the potential to feel pain, as doctors testified]. “Does anybody believe that? Absolutely not,” he told the panel, in effect calling the medical experts liars. “They are just looking for a reason to say no to this bill.”

In asking for an exception that would at least allow “medically futile” pregnancies to be ended, [Dr. Andrew] Dott told the panel that he delivered his first baby in an elevator in medical school 45 years ago. In all his years of practice, he told the panel, “I have never seen a patient who electively aborted a normal pregnancy greater than 20 weeks.”

McKillip blithely dismissed that claim as well. In fact, he repeatedly treated medical experts testifying against his bill with a zealot’s scorn verging on downright contempt. Contradicting Dott, he insisted that “grand majority” of abortions performed Georgia past the 20th week are abortions of convenience. But again, he cited nothing more than his own considerable moral certitude as evidence.

Who are you more likely to trust your medical care to: a man who went to med school, or one who just legislates as if he did?

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  • beenthere72

    This is outrageous.   And I looked this guy up and it turns out he got elected as a Democrat and then a few months later claims to have found Christ, declares himself pro-life when he used to support Roe v Wade, even took a donation from Planned Parenthood, and then switches parties.  How the heck is that allowable?  He should be forced to abandon his post and run a new election.    I would be outraged if I was in his district.   This man is a fraud. 

  • jennifer-starr

    So a state rep thinks he knows more than actual medical doctors. What a maroon. 

  • crowepps

    He’s a politician — they lie.  Which makes his indignant accusations that the doctors are lying pretty ironic.  He must think everybody is Just Like Me.

  • sholroyd


    How odd that he looks like the poster child of retro-active abortion to me -_- What an idiot.