Idaho’s Forced “Double Ultrasound” Bill Passes Senate, Heads For House

Despite strongly stated aversion to government intrusion and the health care mandage in the Affordable Care Act, the Idaho Senate today voted nearly two to one to pass a bill to require women to pay out-of-pocket for expensive, medically-unnecessary ultrasounds in order to terminate a pregnancy.

Via The Associated Press:

Idaho senators approved a measure requiring all women to undergo a fetal ultrasound before terminating a pregnancy. Monday’s 23-12 vote sends the bill to the House.

The bill seems likely to pass the House, where Republican legislators outnumber Democratic legislators 57 to 13. Without a veto from Republican Governor Butch Otter, women in the state will be provided with a list of “free ultrasounds” at pregnancy centers that will attempt to talk them out of having abortions, then still be forced to undergo expensive ultrasounds performed at an actual clinic before terminating a pregnancy.

You can contact Gov. Otter via facebook or twitter and tell him what you think about forcing women to under mandatory ultrasounds.

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