Like a Bad Horror Movie, “Egg-As-Person” Ballot Amendment Back In Colorado Again. And Again.

In horror movies, the monster is never dead the first time you slay it.  It always makes one last return to terrorize everyone before it has to be put down again.  And in really bad horror movies, it will come back a second time, too.

Personhood Colorado is now officially hitting bad horror movie monster status.

Despite two failed attempts to obtain full legal rights for a fertilized egg, the group is doing a third attempt at gathering signatures to get a law on the ballot for 2012.

Via Yahoo News:

The 2012 Colorado Right to Life amendment, also known as Amendment 62, would define a person as every human being, regardless of the method of creation. A human being, as defined in the proposed amendment, is a member of the species homo sapiens at any stage of development. The amendment also seeks to define a child in Colorado to include a human being prior to and during birth.

* The amendment would prohibit the intentional killing of any innocent person. It would prohibit birth control and in vitro fertilization that kills a person, and “no innocent child created through rape or incest shall be killed for the crime of his or her father.”

The last time the amendment was on the ballot it was so unpopular that it managed to drive more voters to the polls to defeat it, making Colorado one of the few states to not vote in a Republican majority.

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