40 Days for Life To Perform Exorcisms in Front Of Clinic

Apparently dousing clinic escorts and clients with holy water is passe.  Instead, 40 Days of Life in Ohio is going to try something new with their next vigil.


Via Dayton Daily News:

The Rev. Steve J. Angi, chancellor of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati, has given permission for priests to say exorcism prayers at a 2 p.m. rally outside the Women’s Med Center, 1401 E. Stroop Road, the Miami Valley’s only abortion clinic. The clinic is closed on Sundays.

<>Ruth Reddens, an organizer of the 40 Days for Life campaign that plans the vigil, sought Angi’s permission to perform the “exorcism of locality,” designed to drive evil out of a place, rather than out of a person. “Hopefully, the spiritual battle will be won,” she said.

The real question is if any of the staff inside will start spitting pea soup.

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