Ask Dr. Brownback… Women (and Men) Ask the Governor for Reproductive Health Advice

Kansas Governor Brownback may soon have the chance to sign into law one of if not the most onerous anti-choice, anti-woman bill in the nation, including explicit directives for doctors to lie to women, amnesty from medical malpractice for doctors who do lie to women, forced utrasounds, additional taxes on women and prohibitions of what insurance they can buy with their own money.

The law is, in sum, a mandate for forced pregnancy.

Now that the governor has decided to control everyone’s reproductive and sexual health lives from his office, the the women and men of the state are seeking his advice.  We’ve taken some screenshots in case the office of the governor, which you will remember once went after a little girl for asking questions he did not like, decides to scrub them all.






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  • sschoice

    Jodi, there’s this guy who is popular with college students — I’ve seen his strips in the paper — he does this strip called “Doonesbury.”

    Yes, the same guy whose strips ran in Pepper Schwartz’s book “Women at Yale: Liberating a College Campus” a few years ago….1971 if our memory is correct.  Well, maybe it was more than a few years ago.  But yes, the same Pepper Schwartz who wrote “Sex on Campus” which became an underground best-seller here when the Red and Black refused to publish something similar.  Awesome writer, we’re sure you’re familiar with her work.

    Anyway, on Doonsbury, it’s seems…well, “ironic” is a more appropriate word than “funny”…that a strip that would be so popular over the years with progressives and prochoice collegues and been so seemingly edgy at times would have never run a strip on prochoice issues?

    Ok, he FINALLY did a series on abortion rights.  THIS WEEK.  And actually ran the strips, that is, he didn’t pull them like his series on “The Silent Scream” when papers complained.  Maybe he’s getting brave with the years, or learning to read the polls better, at least.

    Anyway we just wanted to let you know, you might want to run a story on his strips.  Maybe even run some of his cartoons?  

    The kids would love ’em.


    —southern students for choice, athens


  • jodi-jacobson

    We’ve done several and they are on the site.

    We also had an action associated with the articles.