Idaho “Double Ultrasound” Bill Passes Senate Panel

The Idaho legislature still hasn’t decided whether or not a “free” ultrasound provided by a crisis pregnancy center will count as a legally required ultrasound under their proposed bill, but that hasn’t stopped a senate panel from passing the legislation anyway.

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Idaho stepped closer to requiring women to have an ultrasound of their fetus before terminating a pregnancy, a measure anti-abortion advocates hope will convince more women to opt against such a procedure.

Boise Sen. Chuck Winder’s legislation cleared the Senate State Affairs Committee Wednesday on a 7-2 vote, with Republicans favoring it and Democrats voting against.

Winder has made it clear that although he knows the bill will likely add a large expense to obtaining an abortion in Idaho, and that his “solution” for providing free ultrasounds won’t actually solve the legal or financial issue, it doesn’t matter since the point of the law is to stop women from having abortions. If she decides to pursue the termination anyway, she should be forced to pay an extra $200 to do it.

The bill will next be voted on by the full senate.  We will see how many other senators are have the same opinion as Winder.

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  • lindzanne

    Blaaaarrrrffff, it was so hard to read the testimony from the anti-choicers, who were all claiming that forced ultrasounds are some kind of “womens right” that we are apparently all being denied by feminazis who need their daily meal of fetus.  Somehow hijacking the language of actual womens rights actions and movements sends me over the edge from, yeah, anti-choicers, they talk a lot of shit, to flat out brain-boiling-seeing-red. 

  • bcoffman

    My reply to Senator Winder and the rest of the Republicans in office that voted on the Winder’s legislation:
    You were voted into office to help the people of the state of Idaho, yet you’re about stepping on women’s rights, the right of choice, and the constitution.
    Do any of you own stock in the ultrasound industry in one form or another?
    Did any of you purchase stock in the last year in this market?
    Senator Winder, you did however say something about abortion was a business. It wouldn’t surprise me to know if any of you do own stock in this! If you’re putting the money in your pocket while hurting the people who voted you into office, you should be ashamed and not voted back into a chair again and further more sanctions should be brought against any of you who did buy stock in this market or voted while owning stock in this market, that would fall under insider trading which I believe is against the law. Which I believe and hope should remove you from your position immediately.
    On voting, did any of you think back 30 years ago when women and teens were doing massive self abortions causing major health risk? Is this what you want to repeat?
    This legislation will not be good for those that can’t afford it. This choice is not yours to make!
    Another thing to take into consideration, we have so many receiving government subsidies due to lack of jobs. That means the deficit will continue to grow with more funding going towards more subsidies due to your legislation and the attempt to force women and teens from not getting an abortion. (Medicaid, AFDC, Food stamps, Housing, etc). And the republicans say that all of these subsidies are caused by the democratic parties.
    I think people really need to look at how the appointed chairs do things and then try to point the finger elsewhere.
    Republicans say they can reduce the deficit yet this legislation and their votes seem to show contrary.