Arizona “Don’t Say Abortion!” Bill Will Force Schools To Talk Up Adoption to Teens

How ridiculous has the “ban” on “taxpayer funding” of abortions become?  In Arizona, a new law would force school teachers to discuss adoption as the only “right” solution when it comes to teen pregnancy.

If they mention abortion, supporters argue, well, that would be taxpayer support of abortion.

Via Arizona Public Media:

SB 1009 would require schools to talk about adoption as the preferred alternative to abortion when the issue comes up in the sexual education curriculum. The Arizona Catholic Conference is among the supporters.

“It ensures that taxpayers do not subsidize abortion propaganda in schools,” said Ron Johnson, Arizona Catholic Conference executive director. “We’ve seen this type of bill become law in states like Missouri and North Dakota. We believe it’s a good bill.”

Nothing like a government gag rule in the name of religious freedom.

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  • stainiap

    Please stop your naive and misguided promotion of abortion. Abortion kills a baby.

  • jennifer-starr

    I could ask you to stop your naive and misguided antichoice spamming. I don’t expect you will, but, I’m asking anyway. 

  • prochoiceferret

    Please stop your naive and misguided promotion of abortion.


    Sorry, we pro-choicers don’t do that. We just advocate for abortion to be an accessible option for pregnant women, among other reproductive-justice-y things. Perhaps you were looking for some pro-abortion folks? This isn’t where they like to hang out.


    Abortion kills a baby.


    If by “baby” you actually mean “fetus,” then yes, that is a true statement. Most people use “baby” to refer to an infant that has already been born, however—in which case, it’s too late to have an abortion. You could still kill said baby, but then, it would be infanticide. Perhaps that was the word you were looking for?