New York Bishops To Cuomo: Limit Access To Abortion And Our Ability To Be Sued

The Catholic Bishops have two very simple requests for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  They would like him to not only curtail plans to expand reproductive rights for women, but in fact to restrict them. 

Oh, and don’t make the church have to compensate victims of sexual abuse.

Via The Wall Street Journal:

Regarding abortions, [Cardinal Timothy Dolan, head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and archbishop of New York]  says that rather than expanding that legal right, they want to see it narrowed. He says Cuomo gave them “no assurances.”

He says opening a one-year window for sex abuse suits now barred by a statute of limitation would devastate parish finances.

You would think that the church would notice that the two requests at the same time sort of undermine any moral highground they might believe they have.  After all, it’s difficult to advocate for the rights of “children” while at the same time admitting the vast number who have been hurt by their actions, and refusing to be held accountable.

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  • veggietart

    “I don’t think so.”

    (I was so tempted to say, “Bite me.”)

    On what planet is it okay for the church to get away with molesting children but women having access to reproductive health care is an intrinsic evil?