Constituents Demand Utah Governor Veto New 72 Hour Waiting Period

Utah’s state legislature has passed a bill that will make it the second state to require women to wait 72 hours after meeting with a doctor before they can have an abortion.  But the legislation is still waiting for the governor’s signature, and many Utah citizens are anxious that he not sign.

From The Republic:

Thousands of emails have poured into Gov. Gary Herbert’s office, urging him to veto bills mandating abstinence-only sex education, banning filming on farms and extending the waiting period for abortions… Planned Parenthood of Utah executive director Karrie Galloway said the [waiting period] bill is similar to a law put on hold by a judge in South Dakota. Galloway said they have sent a letter to Herbert requesting a veto, but if he signs it they will consider a lawsuit.

Also campaigning for a veto?  The Utah PTA, who hopes the governor will refuse to sign a new law that will make it impossible for teachers to discuss homosexuality, contraception, or even premarital sex in any sex-ed classes.

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