WI Senator Says Unplanned Pregnancies Are The ‘Woman’s Choice’

VIDEO: WI Senator Says Unplanned Pregnancies Are the “Woman’s Choice”

Radio host, Rush Limbaugh, seems to be monopolizing the ire of women these days now that less well-known misogynists are operating under the radar. Wisconsin Republican state Senator, Glenn Grothman, for example.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, or as Republican’s know it better as “unnecessary homage to attention-seeking sluts” Day. Radio host, Rush Limbaugh, seems to be monopolizing the ire of females these days now that less well-known misogynists are operating under the radar. Wisconsin Republican state Senator, Glenn Grothman, for example.

Senator Glenn Grothman (R-WI) already made headlines regarding a controversial bill that purports single parents to be potential child abusers, appears to be continuing his role of not knowing remotely anything about women after spouting some pretty nonsensical things that would make Mel Gibson blush.

During an interview with Fox News’ Alan Colmes, Grothman continued to harangue women by claiming that they ‘choose’ to have children out-of-wedlock and that our culture appears to “encourage such a lifestyle.”

I think a lot of women are adopting the single motherhood lifestyle because the government creates a situation in which it is almost preferred, ” said Grothman. (Source: Huffington Post) 

Grothman: There’s been a huge change over the last 30 years and a lot of that change has been the choice of the women. There’s a reason why in the 50s and the 60s you had less than ten percent of the births illegitimate, and now we’re over 40 percent. It’s not that there weren’t abusive men in the 40s or there was a problem with child support. It is the popular culture, led by the social service professions, who are saying…

Colmes: Well tell me what you would change.

Grothman: I think the first thing we do is that we should educate women that this is a mistake.

Colmes: You think women need to be educated, are they not smart enough on their own?

Grothman: They do have to be educated, because right now the culture encourages a single motherhood lifestyle.

Colmes: You think women choose to be single moms…

Grothman: Oh absolutely

Colmes: You think women want to have homes without fathers? You think women look to the opportunity to have to raise kids and not be able to get work because they have to stay home and take care of the kids. Women want to do this?

Grothman: I think a lot of women are adopting the single motherhood lifestyle because the government creates a situation in which it is almost preferred.

Colmes: According to data published in USA Today, at least four in ten pregnancies in every state are unwanted or mistimed. According to the analysis that was released last May, more than half of pregnancies in 29 states and the District of Columbia were unintended, 38 to 50 percent were unintended in the remaining states. This mitigates against the argument that women are purposefully wanting to have kids. Their unintended for the most part. They’re unintended pregnancies, which is the argument for health care services and birth control for women.

Grothman: I think you undersell these women.

Colmes: Undersell them?

Grothman: Undersell them. I think when you have an epidemic of this great proportion, people are not so dumb that it’s surprising when they get pregnant. I think people are trained to say that ‘this is a surprise to me,’ because there’s still enough of a stigma that they’re supposed to say this.

You think Grothman can hear us all the way from the 1850s?

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  • wolfwytch

    You know, I wish it was as easy as these teabaggers make it out to be. I wish it was that easy to be a low-to-middle class single mum! It’s friggin’ hard! Anyone who has it easy is as a single parent is well off enough that this goober considers them A-OK fine! Rich people are his constituency, so he doesn’t dare complain about those women.

    Here in AZ you can’t even get SCHIp for your kids. They’re full. No joke! The website tells you they’re full up, sorry. If you’re a Native American, you might be squeaked in, but otherwise, piss off.

    Food stamps? You probably make too much money, unless yuo panhandle, and if you own a car, even if it’s paid off, you’re out! They’ll tell you to sell it. Who cares how you’re going to get to that minimum wage job.

    Being a single parent is difficult when the other parent actually pays their support, sees the kids and has a place int heir lives. Let alone the multitude of women like me who have a dead beat for an ex.

    So that man can take his “single motherhood” diatribe and shove it so far up his behind that he spits it out his mouth!

    [I count my blessings every day that my spouse loves my kids, considers them “ours”. I lucked out, in a system slanted against people like me.]

  • cade

    Popular culture/government is misleading women and women are just so stupid, they can’t help themselves and let themselves been trained into accepting these things. But let’s not undersell women–they know eactly what they are doing! Thus, they want it!  Government makes it so they want it! Its preferred! Those freelaoding sluts! Thanks for clearing that up. Senator.


    Any ideas on how to get men to keep it in their pants, Senator? Mmm? I mean, the good Senator from WI does know how women get pregnant in the first place, yes? If an unwanted pregnancy is a choice, it seems there’s a partnership in making that choice. Or is the Senator suggesting that we women are so progammed by the government and popular culture that we are seducing good, abstinent men into sleeping with us so we can have unwanted pregnancies?