Kansans for Life Attempting to End Abortion Training In Kansas Med Schools

Kansans for Life wants to accomplish great things with their 68-page omni-bus abortion bill.  They want one of these accomplishments to be to “End University of Kansas Abortion Training.”  From the Kansans for Life Blog:

HB 2598, the Pro-Life Protections Act, contains several provisions reflecting the state’s right not to prop up abortion businesses with income tax advantages, and not to require abortion training for students at state-funded universities.

This confirms what a friend stated to me the other day, the possible loss of KU Med School’s accreditation is not an “unintended consequence”… it is very much intended and in the same spirit that the Foxx Amendment was passed in the US House last year.

It is part of the radical anti-choice agenda to eliminate abortion as part of training for prospective physicians.  This obviously puts women’s lives at risk.  Representative Lance Kinzer, when asked about the potential conflict with KU Med and it’s training for life-saving abortions stated that “they could train how to perform abortions without really performing an abortion.”  I don’t know about you, but I no more want an untrained physician tending to my life saving abortion procedure than I want an untrained brain surgeon conducting my brain surgery.

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