Idaho Joins the Rush to Mandate Forced Ultrasounds

Idaho women’s rights activists are fighting hard against lawmakers who are proposing a mandatory ultrasound bill in the state legislature.  Gathering forces, Planned Parenthood, the Idaho ACLU and other privacy and health groups met at the capital for a rally against SB 1349.


“They’re outraged about this,” said Hannah Brass, Legislative Director for Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest.

Brass believes the measure is a violation of a woman’s privacy.

“When a woman goes to a doctor, or anyone in Idaho goes to a doctor, that’s a private relationship,” she said. “This takes that out. It takes that individual care out and puts in a one-size-fits-all mandate.”

“What this really is about is politics and women’s health issues,” said Brass. “The Legislature is making medical decisions rather than the doctors in this case. So it doesn’t save lives. What it does is put the legislators in the exam room.”

The legislature will begin debating the bill next week.

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