2012 Expected To Be Just As Big A Year For Anti-Abortion Laws As 2011

Emboldened by huge anti-choice gains in legislatures and governors’ mansions across the country after the 2010 election, states passed an unprecedented number of abortion restrictions in 2011.

Now, 2012 looks to be just as bad.

Via The Washington Post:

“We’re looking at about 430 abortion restrictions that have been introduced into state legislatures this year, which is pretty much in the same ballpark as 2011,” says Elizabeth Nash of the Guttmacher Institute, a research and policy group that focuses on health and reproductive rights. This year, Nash says, “is shaping up to be quite busy.”

Keep in mind, 2011 was already a watershed year for  abortion restrictions: States passed 83 such laws, more than triple the 23 laws passed in 2010. And much of that had to do with the 2010 election, when Republicans gained control of many state legislatures. With the political makeup of state capitols unchanged, lawmakers are continuing to put more limits abortion.

Will voters react in the 2012 elections, and even if they do, will it be too late to undo the damage?

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