Oklahoma Senate Wants Fetus To “Speak” To Woman Before the Abortion

The Oklahoma state senate has a message for women who want to terminate their pregnancies.

The fetus (blastocyst? embryo?) wants to talk to them.

That’s the justification for a recently passed bill that would require abortion providers to offer to let women listen to the heartbeat of a fetus or embryo before they undergo the procedure.

Via Reuters:

Republican Senator Dan Newberry of Tulsa… said the proposed law is important to further “a culture of life” in Oklahoma.

The heartbeat is the only way for a fetus to communicate that it wants to live, Newberry said.

“It can’t say please don’t kill me, it can’t say I want to live. It can’t say anything,” he said.

Originally, rather than just mandating that the physician offer the woman the chance to hear a heartbeat, the bill would have required that she do so, but that language was changed before the vote.

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  • veggietart

    And what do they do to help after that woman gives birth?  Does the “culture of life” still apply then?