Utah House Passes 72 Hour Abortion Waiting Period

South Dakota’s law mandating that a woman seeking an abortion must wait 72-hours between her first visit to a provider and the actual procedure hasn’t gone into effect yet due to court challenges, but that’s not stopping Utah from trying to pass one as well.

Now, it has cleared the House and will move on to the Senate.

Via Salt Lake Tribune:

“An abortion cannot be undone,” said Rep. Steve Eliason, R-Sandy. “Why would we not want to afford a woman facing a life-changing decision 72 hours to consider ramifications that could last a lifetime?”

…Eliason said his bill is “pro-consumer.” He pointed to a number of other procedures, from sterilization to marriage licensing, to firearms purchases and others that have comparable waiting periods.

Abortion, Eliason argued, has a profound long-term impact and should have a comparable waiting period.

The bill was debated for less than 15 minutes, and only one representative spoke out against it.

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  • grizabella

    The same things can all be said of having a child as well. It can’t be undone, and has a profound long term impact. Should we impose waiting periods before allowing women to decide to become mothers? I wish there were more representatives out there who understood that women are fully capable of carefully considering their situations and making the decision that’s best for them, without the government mandating they spend time considering their options.

  • halli620

    I wanted to comment on the Tribune article but the comments aren’t loading. Women who go for an abortion know exactly what they want and what the outcome of the requested procedure will be. I cannot believe that this legislator would dare compare such a situation to one like sterilization, where the patient first has to find out the possibilities of reversal or incomplete procedures, and then decide if it’s right for them, or to firearms (!!), where the waiting period is generally for the seller or state to perform background checks, as it should be!

  • colleen

    Should we impose waiting periods before allowing women to decide to become mothers?

    That would help. It would also help to impose waiting periods before men are allowed to have unprotected sex. I’ve never understood why everyone seems to think that women and women alone are responsible for unwanted pregnancies and thus all the burdens and responsibilities of human reproduction can and should fall on the least valued members of society.