Arizona House Passes Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

The state of Arizona is seeking to end any funding of Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers with a bill that would cut off any government funds for family planning programs if the recipient provides abortions.

Via KSWT News:

Abortion providers in Arizona would be barred from receiving federal government funding through the state for family planning services under a bill given preliminary approval by the state House on Friday.

State law already prohibits use of tax dollars to fund abortions but Phoenix Republican Rep. Kimberly Yee said the bill is meant to cut off what she called “backdoor funding” for abortions that are morally objectionable to many taxpayers.

Arizona already tried to restrict tax credits to any group that mentions abortions or refers clients to an abortion provider, but that law was placed under injunction due to violations of free speech.

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