Kristof: Mandatory Ultrasound Bills Are “State-Sanctioned Abuse and Humiliation”

Are new anti-choice laws just a means to humiliate women who seek out abortions?  That’s the argument Nicholas Kristof pens in the Sunday New York Times.

The op-ed columnist, taking on the Texas mandatory ultrasound law, gives a step-by-step, detailed explanation of what women must endure before obtaining an abortion, from ultrasounds and fetal heartbeats to mandated lectures on a litany of “dangerous” side effects (all disproven by medical evidence) meant to dissuade them from terminating an unwanted and untenable pregnancy.

That law is part of a war over women’s health being fought around the country — and in much of the country, women are losing. State by state, legislatures are creating new obstacles to abortions and are treating women in ways that are patronizing and humiliating.

Read the full column here.

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