• harry834

    Shared on White House wall.

    Thank you Amanda for your posts.

  • progressivevoice

    I wonder how many of the people who think this is an issue of religious freedom, not discrimination and subjugation of women; also think SCOTUS decision in Citizen United was wrong. Because what no one seems to remember is, the Catholic Church has no Freedom of Religion! The Catholic Church is composed of people but is not a person anymore than a corporation is a person. It seems odd that no one questions the framing of this, in light of the Court’s decision, as if an individual’s rights were being encroached upon.


    The Church is not a person and has no rights under the Constitution. The Church is asking for government sanction to force Catholic ideology on it’s secular employees. There you are – two more reasons “to Show How the “Religious Liberty” Claim Against Contraceptive Coverage Is Nonsense.”


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