• poed-lib

    There is a simple fact, that you have overlooked. Mere disparity in marginal frequency is not ipso facto evidence of shit. It is simply a disparity. Your comments border on irresponsible, in that you are excusing drug use due to a supposed disparity. You have shown no disparity. If in fact (and you have no facts) there is a population difference, this is not a disparity. Your shoddy rant makes this blog the liberal equivalent of the Drudge Report. Responsible people would not publish trash like this. I’d pull it from my site, since is an embarrasing and humiliatingly ignorant comment. And let me be clear: to show disparity, you need population incidence of drug use during pregnancy broken by race. The simple assumption of equal proportion is the epitome of ignorance, shoddy thinking, and racist attitudes of your own. The statistics which you do not report and merely allude to may or may not have any relevance. Who’s to say, considering the superficial  nature of this discussion?

  • anonymousmom

    I smoked marijuana occasionally (maybe twice a week) before I got pregnant, it was my alternative to drinking a beer or two after work to relax – I just can’t tolerate drinking alcohol (nor did I partake of any other drugs). When we found out we were pregnant, we were ecstatic, I immediately stopped smoking, shopped around for a midwife who took Medicaid to begin pre-natal care (as private insurance was prohibitively expensive at our jobs – 750$ a month at the cheapest) and generally did everything a responsible expectant mother did.

    Unfortunately despite quitting my drug test came up positive for marijuana, I told them I had quit and during pregnancy tested negative many, many, many times. Yet 3 days after my daughter was born a CPS case worker came to us and told my husband and I, we wouldn’t be taking our daughter home because of one failed drug test at the beginning of my pregnancy. Funny though, If I had done the ‘irresponsible’ thing and not gone in for prenatal care right away I would have tested negative.

    Luckily a friend stepped forward and agreed to be a guardian for her since her parents obviously couldn’t be trusted with her well being, he moved in with us for the few months it took to get this straightened out. We had mandatory parenting classes that only taught us that we didn’t belong caught up in the CPS net, we didn’t burn, beat, starve, torture ect our child, I hadn’t sustained a meth/cocaine/heroin ect addiction while pregnant – we were overjoyed about our pregnancy and had our lives ready for a child. We both had University degrees and successful careers, made enough money to quite comfortably start a family, we were in our late 20′s and generally had all of our ducks in a row.

    Medicaid was supposed to help us create a healthy family when in reality our daughter was almost taken from us, causing substation emotional distress and causing my post natal depression (I was convinced at any moment they would come and take her). My husband is convinced that had I been a white women the matter would have been dropped after a few clean drugs test while pregnant but since I am HISPANIC (he is white), I was put into a high risk category.

    What kills me about this is many, many women smoke tobacco and drink while they are pregnant but they are never at risk for their children being taken from them – despite their known toxic effects on a pregnancy and subsequent baby. While marijuana during pregnancy has been found to be an excellent treatment for Hyperemesis Gravidarum with little side effects.

    We are convinced that my race and one positive drug test for marijuana, (smoked before I even knew I was pregnant) is what put us on the CPS radar. My race shoudln’t have been the deciding factor to place our family in the high risk categoy.

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