• prochoicegrandma

    Not to sound ungrateful for Del. Englin’s concern, but why the hell should any woman sign a consent to be raped by the Commonwealth of Vaginia?  How would it make it any less horrible by requiring a woman to give her consent prior to being vaginally penetrated??  Does a rapist require a woman to sign a consent form??

    Men just don’t have any business deciding anything about a woman’s body, including Del. Englin.  IMO, that was a stupid suggestion.

    Each woman who is forced to undergo this trans-vaginal ultrasound should turn around and file rape charges against each legislator who signed this ignorant law, beginning with Del. Bob Marshall and Gov. Bob McDonnell.  They are willfully violating § 18.2-67.2. and with menace.  What are they going to do, amend that Code section to make an exception for state sanctioned rape?  Awkward.  

    The GOP (Genuine Old Perverts) has become the Rapepublican Party.    


  • veggietart

    Did they really think women would take this shit lying down?  They’ve gone too far and now they’re realizing that they’ve pissed off the electorate (as most Virginia residents oppose this bill), so they’re backing away as quickly as possible.

    But really, the idea that a woman should have to sign something saying, yeah, it’s okay for the Commonwealth to force this doctor to rape me isn’t much comfort.  After all, if a woman refuses to sign, she won’t have the ultrasound and will have to find another state in which to have an abortion, won’t she?

  • crowepps

    The House of Delegates has voted 65-32 to approve a substitute version of the ultrasound bill that would not require women to undergo an invasive procedure before getting an abortion.

    Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel, R-Fauquier, the bill’s sponsor, now says that she wants to strike the bill. That means senators could vote to kill the amended version when it returns to the Senate for approval.


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