• johann7

    …and has been for some time. Their brand image/marketability has been the primary concern for decades. “Run for the Cure” events frequently cost as much as or more than they bring in in donations, but they keep having them in order to market themselves and their corporate ‘partners’. They were running around suing other organizations over the use of the phrase “for the cure” – behavior of an organization more concerned with protecting its brand than actually helping anyone. While pink ribbon branded products DO bring in money for Komen, and some of that money does go to organizations like PP that are actually helping combat breast cancer or to research grants, a bunch of it also goes to ‘overhead’ for Komen, and the corporate ‘partners’ licensing the brand also take a cut of the inflated prices on branded goods – it’s actually a negative-expenditure marketing campaign for them. The whole thing is disgusting: no one should be giving money to Komen in the first place.


    While it really, truly sucks to see PP losing even more funding, I hope people will be motivated to donate directly to them and perhaps some smaller, more-ethical charities that fund research grants, although, in the scheme of things, breast cancer has good survival rates if caught early (and for patients with access to the necessary medical care): we’ve identified the gene mutations and a bunch of environmental factors that cause it, have good screening techniques, and effective treatments if the cancer has not metastasized, so the ROI for further research is likely to be far lower than that for more-deadly cancers like those of the lungs, liver, or pancreas.


    Everyone interested in breast cancer should go read “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” by Samantha King, then join in working against the charity-industrial complex.

  • veggietart

    It is only the latest outrage from the pinkwashing gang at Komen.


    Thought: I would love to see a progressive congressperson open an investigation into crisis pregnancy centers for their fraud and malpractice against pregnant women.  Fair is fair.

  • kari-rinker

    There has already been a congressional investigation of CPC’s.  There is a link to report in this NY Times editorial…


  • colleen

    We need to have another one .

  • molly-m

    When I saw Nancy Brinker dancing with GW Bush on the night of his first inaguration I knew her politics. Brinker became an ambassador under GW Bush when he appointed her as ambassador to Hungary. This kind of appointment usually means the person donated a lot of money the the presiden’s campaign. So why are we surprised Komen foundation hires right wing anti-women women to the board? What we should all be clueing into by now is that most republicans put party above all else, and this is not healthy for the country or women.

  • sunnysideup

    …Planned Parenthood is the only place in this entire country where poor women can get exams for breast cancer????


    There is no reason to fund Planned Parenthood in order to fight breast cancer.

  • klevineusa

    All of these illness “so-called” charities and organizations are nothing but a front for the pharmaceutical cartel. Wake up and stop wasting your time and money in these areas. You are being ripped off and lied to! There is no war on cancer, there never was. It’s just a ploy to pull at your heart strings and bleed you of your money, time and emotions.

  • jennifer-starr

    So if I have a lump in my breast I should do what?  Just ignore it? Pray it away? Cancer is very real–to say otherwise is simply idiotic. 

  • sophiah

    Here is ONE comment from  many  complaints  at link I placed below


    Overall payrolls
    Posted by jswede  |  September 20, 2010 6:29:24 AM

    You can read the IRS Tax return on the Komen website.

    Clearly the top person makes over $500k,

    the next over $400 and many many at the $200k level.


    Go on further to see there are problems with the pie chart & lots of confusion. Breast cancer incidence has gotten worse not better. This organization is self serving. When its not serving itself its serving doctors and health institutions. They have little motivation to cure this disease. They are big business, not charity. Please go and read the IRS return yourself. Give instead to a local family that is touched by this disease.

    Very little of this money goes to help real people.

    They have lost their mission.

    The big C = the big $’s. Help people not Komen.



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