• steven-earl-salmony

    Where are the scientists who will stand up and speak out loudly, clearly regarding the science of human population dynamics? On our watch the human community appears to be inadvertently precipitating emerging and converging global ecological challenges to future human well being and environmental health. This is no time for broadcasting self-serving ideological idiocy to deny what could be real nor is now the time for scientists to choose elective mutism when confronted with apparently unforeseen science, even when the science is unwelcome. Willfully denying the presence of a non-recursive biological problem, for example, does not mean the problem is not there.

    Take the example of the science of human population dynamics. Who is discussing the topic? The Story no one tells. This research is not even discussed by scientists with appropriate expertise. Silence prevails. Where can we find population biologists, conservation biologists, human ecologists and other similarly-situated experts to discuss extant scientific research… to tell The Story about the human overpopulation of Earth? Where are the population scientists who are ready, willing and able to talk about human population dynamics?

    What do we mean when we deploy the words, “human population dynamics”? Are human population dynamics essentially similar to, or different from, the population dynamics of other species? I would like to call on my friends to help me find sensible ways to shed light on this subject. More than a decade has passed since I began trying unsuccessfully to bring this matter of concern to the attention of some of the most senior scientists. Mostly there was deafening silence. Occasionally a colleague would bury the research without noticing it to others or else would obstruct efforts to discuss this taboo topic. Why not break the silence and overcome the taboo by telling The Story about the science of human population dynamics and the human overpopulation of Earth? Let us not allow another year to pass by without a intellectually honest amd morally courageous discussion of this sort.

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