Minnesota GOP Proposes Constitutional Amendment Banning Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion

The Minnesota legislature has barely been in session, but already they are working to restrict access to abortion for women in the state. 

Having failed to pass a bill that would ban “taxpayer funded abortions” due to a veto override by Democratic Governor Mark Dayton, the GOP has decided to go around the governor all together by proposing a constitutional amendment.

If the amendment passes, it would challenge Doe V. Gomez, a Minnesota Supreme Court case that ruled that women of low income should be allowed to access abortion with funds from the state Medicaid program, otherwise they aren’t allowed the same constitutional right to an abortion as women of more means.

The state’s anti-choice faction has tried to attack Doe V. Gomez at nearly every legislative session since it was decided, but this is its first attempt to do it via ballot initiative.

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