Wisconsin to Introduce “Choose Life” License Plates to Fund Non-Existent Anti-Choice Charity

The “Choose Life” license plate movement is expanding, this time into Wisconsin.

Via Pro-Life Wisconsin:

Pro-Life Wisconsin is strongly supporting legislation currently under circulation that would permit the creation of a “Choose Life” specialty license plate in Wisconsin. Proceeds from plate sales would fund the work of crisis pregnancy centers across the state, including adoption assistance.

Authored by State Representative Andre Jacque (R-Bellevue) and State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), LRB 3486 would require plate holders to pay a $15 issuance fee and a $25 annual fee that provides funds to Choose Life Wisconsin.  These fees would be in addition to basic plate registration fees. For more details, please click here for a copy of the bill

Perhaps most interesting?  “Choose Life Wisconsin” doesn’t even exist—it will be created with the proceeds from the plates.

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  • johann7

    Now I have to petition my state representative to introduce an amendment to the bill that would simultaneously create “Choose Freedom” license plates to fund the as-yet-non-existent charity Choose Freedom Wisconsin, which will help fund contraceptive and abortion care and combat anti-abortion propaganda centers (also known as “crisis pregnancy centers”).