If the Kids Aren’t Working, Here Comes the Church

Apparently not finding the children and teddy bears to be effective enough to sway the Ohio state legislature into a vote on the state’s proposed, controversial bill that would ban abortion as early as 4 weeks post conception, a new group has shown up to lobby.

The clergy.

Via Dayton Daily News:

About two dozen Ohio pastors are urging the state Senate to vote on a bill that would impose the nation’s strictest abortion limit.

Backers of the bill invited pastors of churches from Cleveland to Cincinnati to speak at the Statehouse on Wednesday as part of their latest push to get the legislation through the Republican-led Senate. The pastors also planned to visit the 33 senators. They say they’re praying for the bill to pass.

First, they come for your heartstrings, next, they come for your souls.

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  • purplemistydez

    Why the hell can’t these rightwing christian theists stay out of my sex life.  Who I marry or whether I reproduce is none of their damn business.

  • waterjoe

    are clergy not citizens with a right to express an opinion like any other citizen?

  • crowepps

    Yes indeed, clergy are indeed citizens who have a right to express their opinions.  Exactly like every other citizen.  They need to stop insisting that their opinions are more important than others because they are speaking for God and therefore they are entitled to tell everyone else what to do.