A Little Child Shall Lobby Them

Last week, a group of young children armed with teddy bears lobbied the Ohio state senate on behalf of a controversial abortion law that would ban the procedure from the moment a heartbeat is detected.

To many in the pro-choice community, the move seemed pretty darn manipulative. But legislators in the senate are also saying it probably backfired.

Via Lez Get Real:

Senator Shirley Smith told the Huffington Post that “I’m not at all supportive of the bill, and I’m not supportive of them sending kids in my office with a teddy bear that mimics a heartbeat, either. I thought that was a very cheap exploitation of kids. I would rather them come in my office and ask to sit down and talk about it, rather than send a kid into my office. I didn’t like it at all — in fact, I didn’t even want the teddy bear.”

Senator Charleta Tavares said “It is an emotional kind of tactic, bringing young children in and having them bring teddy bears. I think that’s a little low. I think on this very emotional and highly charged issue, people have already made up their minds.”

Save the “babies.” Exploit the children.

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  • veggietart

    Of course not.  People are starting to get on to their tactics that they don’t care about kids who have been born.  And soon they’ll realize that their tacitcs are about controlling female sexuality.