Kansas Group Files Egg-As-Person Legislation; Democrat Vince Wetta Signs as Co-Sponsor

Today, Personhood Kansas announced via press release that it has pre-filed a Personhood bill in the Kansas legislature.  We can expect to see that bill officially filed next week. 

It may be hard to believe, but this is out of touch even by Kansas standards!  No matter what their view on abortion may be, the majority of Kansans are not extremists.  Those legislators that sponsor and vote for Personhood legislation should be prepared to stand with a class of very, very extreme religious zealots.  These are zealots who stand in direct opposition to Kansas citizens most basic respect for personal privacy and freedom.

It is disappointing to note that this legislation can be touted by these Personhood zealots as “bi-partisan” with one lone Democrat Vince Wetta from Wellington, Kansas signing on as co-sponsor of the bill. I would encourage readers to express disappointment about Representative Wetta’s unfortunate decision to stand with the extremists with his office and with the Kansas Democratic Party

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