Romney: Give Up Your Baby Or No God For You

It’s not surprising that a religious man like Mitt Romney would counsel members of his faith not to terminate a pregnancy, regardless of the circumstances.

But trying to get a mother to give up her baby because she was a single parent? That’s different.

Via Buzzfeed:

Peggie Hayes had converted to Mormonism as a teenage [sic] along with her family, and told the book’s authors, Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, that for a long time she found comfort in the faith’s teachings. After returning to the congregation as a 23-year-old divorced single mother, she soon got pregnant with a second child. Knowing she was in need of financial assistance, the Romneys arranged for her to do odd jobs for members of the congregation.

“Mitt was really good to us,” Hayes told the authors. “He did a lot for us.”

But while Hayes considered Romney a friend, he was also her bishop—which meant it was his job to pass along sometimes-harsh church counsel. The tension between the two relationships came to the forefront one day when he came over to her apartment, and encouraged her to turn her son over to the church’s adoption agency when he was born. (The church’s position is that if a happy marriage between parents of a newborn seems unlikely, adoption is preferable to single parenting.)

Hayes was offended by the suggestion, and told Romney she would never give up her son. But, according to Hayes, Romney told her, “Well, this is what the church wants you to do, and if you don’t, then you could be excommunicated for failing to follow the leadership of the church.”

When you combine “you can’t have an abortion” with “you can’t raise a baby alone,” how is that anything other than “you need to have babies for other, worthy couples?”

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  • modernmouse

    This kind of authortarian ‘counseling’ used by religious organizations, especially those in the business of adoption, happens still.   It is the same type of coercion the catholic church used to force me to surrender my first born in 1967.

  • wolfwytch

    I’m so very sorry! No woman should ever be coerced to place a child for adoption, not ever!


  • equalist

    Absolutely agreed.  I CHOSE to place my son for adoption 12 years ago.  The decision was entirely mine, done in exactly the way I wanted it to be done,and I am completely at peace with it.  On the other hand, I’ve known girls who were forced or coerced to give their children for adoption, and have never gained peace.  I think it’s similar to any choice on how to handle a pregnancy.  As long as the decicion lies entirely with the pregnant woman, she can be at peace with whatever choice she makes, whereas if she is forced into the decision, it will always haunt her.

  • equalist


  • cmarie

    Under influence from the LDS church,  the whole state of Utah has tried to operate like a nation unto itself in so far as adoption is concerned. Here’s one example   and another

    the idea being that its more important for a child to be raised by one mother and one father than by either (or even both!) if they are unmarried.  It’s not limited to fathers either.  Here’s an example of a young woman who nearly lost her daughter to vicious coercion by the Utah adoption industry:

    However, these stories are beginning to get some attention.  Even the Salt Lake Tribune did a series of stories on baby Jack and Dateline did a story on Baby Emma back in August (I followed their blog on Facebook and they got more than three thousand comments on that one story….. the vast, vast majority of people wanting the baby quickly reunited with her father and grandparents).  Also John Wyatt is currently waiting to see if the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Emma’s case because (after taking ten months to make a decision) The Supreme Court of Utah decided he couldn’t prevent his daughter from being adopted.   I’m sorry to hear the news about Romney, (not because I like him but because I think he will win) …… but I’m glad you ran it.

  • colleen

    I’m sorry to hear the news about Romney, (not because I like him but because I think he will win)

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